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Cleanout Services

Instead of removing all the junk and clutter from a property on your own, leave it to the professional crew at Bye Junk!

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From Residential to Commercial, we do it all

Professional Clean Out Services

Don’t have time for DIY clean outs? We want to help you out!

There are many reasons to seek out professional clean out services. It could be that you’re short on time. Maybe you don’t have the energy for an intensive DIY junk removal project. Perhaps you’ve got items that are too heavy for you to remove alone! Whatever the case, be sure to let us know here at Bye Junk! We are a local business located in Sewickley, PA, and we clean out all kinds of properties. From garage cleanout services to estate cleanout services and so much more, we’ll do all the work for you so you can take a much-needed break!

If you’re a resident taking your stuff to a new home, our move out cleaning will suit you well. On the other hand, we help out local business owners with our office, warehouse, and retail clean outs. No matter what sort of property you need cleaned out, you can count on us to do the work for an affordable price! Bye Junk! uses a volume-based pricing system, meaning that whether your project is small or large, we’ll treat you with a fair final cost that you can get behind.

Support us, a locally owned, family-owned company, and see the difference that a small business can make. Our friendly, professional crew is looking forward to making your junk disappear. Just contact us online to claim an appointment today.

Items We Take:

  • Furniture
  • Appliances
  • Clothes
  • Toys
  • Kitchenware
  • Bagged Trash
  • Cubicles
  • Electronics
  • Exercise Equipment
  • Shelves
  • Old Merchandise
  • And More…

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How We Help

Why Choose Our Clean Out Services

When searching for companies that clean out homes, businesses, and rental properties, why opt for us? There’s a lot that we do that the “other guys” don’t quite match. We’ve listed a few examples for you below…

  • Faster Service. Time is a finite resource, and we want to save you as much of it as possible. Count on us to always be there on time, and since we have a fully trained crew available, you can bet that they’ll haul away all your unwanted items in a quick and timely manner. Trust us, we won’t leave you twiddling your thumbs impatiently.
  • No Hidden Fees. Unfortunately, some of our “big box” competitors aren’t afraid to surprise you with extra surcharges. Bye Junk! gives you that franchise-level quality without billing your franchise-level prices. There will never be hidden fees when you choose us, either.
  • Friendly, Too! The crew at Bye Junk! is genuinely excited to meet you and get to know you. You’ll feel more welcome during your appointment when we’re all smiles, and that’s exactly why we always show up in good spirits. We dress neatly to boot!

Did you know that you can even nab a same-day or next-day appointment if you’re quick on the draw? It’s true! Contact us online, check our availability, and grab one of our earliest open appointments. That way, we can be at your service sooner rather than later!

The Bye Junk! Advantage

More Reasons Why We’re the Best!

Upfront Quote

Upfront Quote

At the beginning of every appointment, we provide upfront quotes so our customers know what they’re paying from the start.

7 Days a Week

7 Days a Week

There’s never a bad day to have an appointment with Bye Junk! We are open all week long, and we’re prepared to haul away junk.

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Same-Day Junk Removal

Why wait for the services you need? Our team is ready to be there as soon as today or tomorrow, so don’t wait to schedule an appointment!


On Time

We don’t think that showing up late puts forth a good image. You can rely on us to always be there on time. We’ll even call you when we’re close.

Available Discounts

Available Discounts

Military members, first responders, and seniors are all eligible for a discount. Just ask when it’s time to pay your balance!

Flexible Payment

Flexible Payment

We accept cash, cards, and checks, so just make sure you have one of those ready at the end of your appointment.

How It Works

The Clean Out Process

From beginning to end, our clean out services are zero hassle for you. Just open the door for us and let our crew handle all the work. Here’s how you can expect the entire process to go down, from first contact to the moment we wave goodbye.

  1. Courtesy Call

    When we’re heading to the property that needs to be cleaned out, we’ll give you a phone call. That way, you can meet us there if you’re not already present.

  2. Upfront Quote

    Of course, we’ll provide you with an asking price at the beginning of your appointment. Accept this price, and we’ll be able to begin our work.

  3. Clean Out

    Our team will divide up and start cleaning out the property. We’ll be sure to leave no stone unturned. Basements, closets, attics—we cover all the bases.

  4. Finishing Up

    Lastly, we’ll load up our truck, sweep up behind ourselves, and accept your payment before we go. Now that property is junk-free!

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Responsible Eco-Friendly Junk Removal

What if we told you that junk doesn’t necessarily have to go to a landfill? It’s true, and in many cases, it’s the preferable option. As an eco-friendly business, we find many recyclable and donatable items during our clean out services, and we keep them out of the dump as a courtesy to Mother Earth.

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