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How It Works

Embarking on the junk removal process can be daunting if you’ve never done it before. Bye Junk! Is here to make sure you know exactly what to expect every step of the way!

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How Does Our Junk Removal Process Work?

Our junk pick-ups consist of 4 easy steps. Take a look!
  1. Booking. The first step is easy, and it’s getting in touch with Bye Junk! We have operating hours 7 days a week, making it easy to contact us and set up your appointment. Whether you give us a call or book online, we’ll ask you to describe the type and amount of junk items you need us to haul away so we can give you a price estimate. Then we’ll get your appointment on the books, even as soon as the same or next day!
  2. Evaluation. When we arrive at the job site in person, the first thing we’ll do is evaluate the junk items you need us to haul away. At this stage, we’ll be judging the volume of items so we can give you a final price for our services. Once we have your agreement, we’ll move on to step 3!
  3. Loading. This step is probably the easiest for you because you don’t have to lift a finger! Kick back and relax while the Bye Junk! team takes care of all the heavy lifting. Our professional team will always move items safely, whether that be team-lifting or using tools like hand trucks for assistance. Even the most cumbersome items like appliances will be handled carefully!
  4. Disposal. After loading is completed, we’ll accept your payment for our services. You’ll be happy to see the price matches the quote you received when we arrived. Once that’s squared away, the only thing left for you to do is wave and say Bye Junk! as we haul it all away for eco-friendly disposal.

What Does “Eco-Friendly Disposal” Mean?

The term “eco-friendly” in the case of junk removal means we do everything we can to keep items out of landfills. As a local junk removal business, our team cares deeply about keeping our cities clean, and as a result, we try to upcycle your old items whenever possible. As we move through the junk removal process, we evaluate your items based on condition. If items such as furniture and clothing as still in good used condition, we’ll donate them to a local organization such as Goodwill or the Salvation Army so they can find new life in the community. 

With materials such as metal, wood, and plastic (especially those hauled away during a construction debris removal service!), we’ll follow local guidance on the best location to recycle them. As long as they’re without extreme damage such as rust or mold, these materials will be recycled and returned to the community as part of new items and structures!

With these measures in place, it’s our goal to bring only the bare minimum of items to the landfill after each junk hauling appointment. In this way, choosing Bye Junk! for your junk removal services is an easy way for you to help the local environment!

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What Do We Take?

Bye Junk! offers a variety of services for every need. From office desks to junk metal removal, we have a specialty to meet your needs!

  • Clean Outs. Whether you’ve got a cluttered basement, garage, or entire house, we can clear it out!
  • Commercial Junk Removal. From office buildings to restaurants, we’re ready to haul your business junk away!
  • Construction Debris Removal. Sometimes home improvement projects lead to junk removal projects. That’s no problem with Bye Junk!
  • Hot Tub Removal. A hot tub is almost impossible to get rid of without professional help. Luckily, Bye Junk! has a service for that, too!
  • Junk Removal. Have a few cumbersome items that you’d like to get rid of? Let our junk-hauling truck handle it!

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Standing Out from the Competition

Choosing a local junk removal company over a chain is a great idea for multiple reasons. Here are just a few!

  1. Affordable Pricing.

    Because our prices are calculated without the need for corporate overhead, you’ll always get the best deal with us!

  2. Local Knowledge.

    Every member of our team from top to bottom is a local just like you. This means we pay close attention to proper disposal rules, and we know all the best places to donate and recycle!

  3. Week-Long Availability.

    With operating hours 7 days a week, we’re here to serve you whenever you need it. Between the hours of 7 AM and 9 PM, our crew will whisk your junk items away in no time!

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Support Small Business and Choose Bye Junk!

Bye Junk! is a family-owned business that puts one thing above everything else. That one thing, as it turns out, is you! Our customers are the reason for our success, and we want to show our appreciation by working quickly, treating you with kindness and courtesy, and keeping our community clean. That’s not the only thing we do for our community, though. We also keep our local economy in good spirits by keeping our money in our neighborhoods. Combine all of that with the fact that we’ll remove and dispose of your junk for you, and what’s not to like? Schedule our junk removal services today. We won’t disappoint!

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Responsible Eco-Friendly Junk Removal

At Bye Junk!, we believe there are more environmentally friendly ways to bid farewell to your unwanted items. After all, pouring everything straight into a landfill isn’t exactly the best for the planet. We aim to raise the standard for disposal practices all around the board by setting a good example for other businesses nearby. Watch as we sort through everything we collect for items we can recycle and donate. We’ll make sure those stay far away from the dump. We think both you and Mother Earth will appreciate it.

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